Wednesday, 27 May 2015

NTU flagship programme Noel

What sounds interesting about this project?

This project sounds interesting as i am really interested in how to build a DC motor and how the DC motors work.It also felt like i would get to do a hands-on approach rather than listen to a very boring and long lecture.

What do you think you can learn about this project?

I can learn more about how DC motors work,Fleming's left hand rule and magnetic force.I also can learn more about waves and improve my own pratical skills and trouble-shooting abilities.

Any immediate questions regarding this project?

I have no idea how DC motors work.
I do not know what Fleming's left hand rule is

First Day (26 May, Tuesday)

On this day we did a small experiment to introduce us to the topic of DC motors and learn about Fleming's left hand rule First hand.It required us to be efficient in our way of doing things and also to have a little patience.Afterwards we started our construction of our DC motor and it was an extremely difficult thing to do and we were not able to complete it in our first day of creating one due to some miscalculations and errors that we made along the way.

Second Day (27 May, Wednesday)
By the second day we were trouble-shooting a lot and were given a second set of materials to use to get our DC motor running.Our group managed to complete the DC motor in the nick of time with 5 minutes to spare and only one other group was able to get their DC motor running as well ,albeit faster than us.However i learn that hard work and dedication does eventually lead to success and we should view failure as a learning point to grow and further improve ourselves instead of putting ourselves down.